Deferred Prosecution

A Deferred Prosecution (DP) is a legal option to you if you have not previously used it. The DP is a 5 year program where you trade alcohol and/or drug treatment in exchange for a dismissal of your DUI.

If you are assessed and qualify, a typical Deferred Prosecution treatment program involves the following:

  • Approximately eight weeks (72 hours) of three times per week, 3-hour intensive,outpatient group sessions.
  • 26 weeks of 1.5 hour continuing outpatient group sessions.
  • Monthly 1.5 hour continuing outpatient group sessions for the remainder of the two-year treatment program.
  • During the two year period you will also be required to Attend, at a minimum, 2 self help groups per week, Attendance will be verified.
  • Random alcohol & drug screenings (UAs)

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